Quality Beats @ Amadeus (Rochester) Monday 3rd June 2002

Quality Beats @ Amadeus (Rochester) Monday 3rd June 2002

With everyone under 15 or over 30 hitting the streets for jubilee parties this weekend, thank god that someone had the great idea of providing us with a place to go where you wont see your Mum and Dad doing the funky chicken to the sounds of Sambucca

From the promoter of License2Rave comes the 3rd instalment of Quality Beats. Held at the Amadeus Nightclub in Rochester, this Bank Holiday line-up of UK Garage, RnB, Old Skool and Drum & Bass was sure to entice music lovers from all over Kent, London and Essex. We arrived at the club at around 11:00pm, after a very thorough search I entered the Club. The first thing you notice about Amadeus is the sheer size of the venue. Consisting of one open plan arena Amadeus can easily accommodate a few thousand people, ample seating (if needed) and 4 bars (including the V.I.P Bar). The Night kicked of with Lady H playing UK Garage warming the crowd nicely for the forthcoming blend of music styles. With a nice selection of current Garage hits, which later turned into a 'Zinc-fest' Lady H had the dance floor full and ready for the evenings events. A big disappointment arose when the nights headliners (the Heartless Crew) failed to make an appearance. Luckily due to the talents of Funky (AYIA NAPA) Smith & DJ Iron accompanied by the MC Sparks and Gemini raver's were not left too disappointed with the nights proceedings. The music swiftly switched from Garage to Drum&Bass and Jungle then into R&B and Hip Hop giving the DJ's and MC's plenty of opportunity to show off their skills. The MC's and DJ's created a great party vibe that kept the crowd dancing til 3am.

Review: Heartless Crew's ablum launch party. Monday 13th May 2002

Monday 13th May saw the release of 'Crisp Biscuit' Heatless Crews new compilation CD featuring the best R&B, Hip Hop, Ragga, Garage and Jungle. With a CD album offering so much, how would the launch party measure up??

Hosted at the contemporary, steel clad surroundings of 'Club CC' seconds from Leicester Square was the launch party for the new Heartless Crew Compilation Album 'Crisp Biscuit'. This exclusive party, welcome to those only on the guest list or with a ticket, had the relaxed atmosphere of a club night and a crowd full of DJ's, MC's, Producers and Record Company Personnel. At around 9pm the Heartless Crew arrived. They had no problems mingling with the crowd, in fact Fonti seemed more than pleased to introduce himself to the females in the crowd leading all the ladies to the dance floor, whilst Mighty Mo Handled the decks. After a great R&B and Hip Hop set from Mo, DJ Smokey took to the wheels of steel warming the crowd ready for the main Heartless Set. In true Heartless style the party exploded with a great old skool set with Mighty Mo showing off the new dance for this summer, Forget the Drive-by, it's time from the Moped!! Mighty Mo, Fonti and Bushkin all gave a phenomenal performance which along with the FREE alcohol made this THE event to have attended.

Review: H&G 3rd Birthday at Zen. Friday 24th May 2002

Review: H&G 3rd Birthday at Zen. Friday 24th May

Friday May 24th saw the 3rd birthday of H&G at Zen nightclub in Dartford. With EZ, Masterstepz and MC Rookie headlining, this was sure to be a Road Block Event.

On arrival to the club at 11:30, I witnessed the assuring site of a long queue, always a big give away to a club's popularity. Inside, the dance floor was already packed and a party atmosphere was definitely building. DJ Jonesey was playing a mixture of commercial tunes and House anthems leaving the Garage for EZ and Masterstepz. Jonesey, 8 year veteran of Zen is the events manager for the club and also has residencies in several European countries, A talented DJ whose status is surely to continue rising. When midnight arrived, the EZ signature vocal sample instantly set the crowd alight. Although the set had slightly more of a commercial feel than to what I've heard from EZ before, the skills that have made him the worlds most popular Garage DJ around shone through. With another addition to the Pure Garage compilation expected later this year EZ is sure to continue setting the standards for Garage DJ's for a long time to come. MC Rookie provided a constant flow of lyrical talent throughout the evening accompanying every DJ with ease. Rookie, who features on the G4orce mix of Ushers U-Turn has been with H&G since it started 3 years ago, in which time he has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. MC Rookie also features on 3 of the tracks on the G4orce album which is released later this year, a rising star swiftly moving up the ranks. Masterstepz ended the event with a great set full of vocals. Right up until the lights came on Stepz still had the dance floor full and dozens of ladies singing along to the string of anthems that were played. A DJ that consistently performs above the standards of others, Masterstepz always compliments every club night he attends. A birthday bash to be proud of, H&G provided immense talent in a great looking night club.